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Check Out Our Exciting Monthly Meal Subscription Service!

What is a meal subscription service? It’s a way for you to save time and eat better. With long days at work and a list of evening functions, there’s little time to think about, “What’s for dinner?”

Meal subscription services that provide the ingredients for fresh meals you cook yourself have exploded in popularity as people try to find ways to eat a good meal at home while keeping their busy schedules. We take that concept one step further by actually cooking the meal for you!

Just view our monthly menu, pick your choices, and swing by between 4 and 6 pm for our new door-to-car service. By ordering in advance you save money, too!

Check out our August menu and sign up below.

August menu – click image to print

For a flyer with info and the August menu you can print and share, click here


Subscription Pricing

2 meals per week = $24/week
3 meals per week = $36/week
4 meals per week = $48/week
5 meals per week = $60/week
6 meals per week = $72/week
7 meals per week = $84/week
8 meals per week = $88/week
9 meals per week = $99/week
10 meals per week = $110/week
11 meals per week = $121/week
12 meals per week = $132/week
All meals over 12 per week = additional $10 ea.

Just decide how many meals you would like to get from us per week. For example, you may only need 2 meals a night for 2 nights a week.
You would sign up for the 4 meals per week plan. Or a family of 4 who wants 3 nights a week would sign up for the 12 meals per week plan.

Sign up using the subscription form below.


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