We are Kentucky Proud and make everything fresh.  When available, we use local ingredients and Kentucky Proud ingredients.


All pastries are made in house.  We bake our items fresh every morning.   For the croissant connoisseur, we hand laminate all of our croissant dough by hand.  The process of dough making takes a lot of time.  The dough and butter are folded till we get 25 layers of butter and dough.  Once baked,  you can see the layers…. fresh goodness!!!!!

Plain Croissants      2.25

Chocolate Croissants     2.75

Fruit Filled Danish    2.75 – Includes choice of strawberry, raspberry and apple

Cheese filled Danish    2.75

Cinnamon Rolls     3.00

Muffins     3.00

Bacon Cheddar Scones     4.00

Country Ham Biscuits    4.00

Fruit Scones    3.00

Savory Croissants    3.00


Cookies            1.50

Speciality Cookies    3.o0

Cupcakes    2.50

Brownies/Bars    3.00

Whoopies Pies    3.00

Cheesecake Slice    4.00

CheeseCake (Serves 10-12)   38.00

Cake Slice (2 layer)    4.00

6 inch Cake (serves 4-6)   25.00


Baguettes   2.50

SourDough Loaf (1lb)   4.00

Loaf Bread of the day   4.00


Breakfast Sampler   30.00  (includes 3 croissants, 3 Chocolate croissants, 3 danishes & 3 cinnamon rolls)

Half Sampler   16.00   (includes 6 items of your choice 3.00 or less)

DOZEN Cinnamon Rolls  32.00

Dozen Croissants   24.00

Dozen Chocolate Croissants or Danishes   30.0

Dozen Traditional Cookies    18.00

Dozen Specialty Decorated Sugar Cookies    36.00

Pan of Bars   30.00


Quiche of the Day with Fruit  $6.50 – The chef takes just the right amount of eggs to cream ratio and add the freshest ingredients we can find…. from spinach and feta, roasted vegetables to Quiche Lorraine.

Chicken Pot Pie  $6.50 – In addition to our house made crust, we roast our chickens in house and make our own stock and roux for this amazing dish.  All chickens and vegetables are fresh and purchased locally when available.

Panini of the Day with Chips $8.50 – Known for our Cuban Panini, but sometimes an adult grilled cheese is just what the Chef has in mind.

Pasta of the Day $8.50 – Can range from baked penne to the chef’s special spinach lasagna or traditional lasagna.

Chicken Salad on Croissant and side  $7.50 – Chicken is roasted in house and then made into fresh chicken salad mixed with herbs and spices, cranberries and a touch of citrus.

Salads of the Day  $8.50  – Large salads made fresh with house made dressings.  Options include, Strawberry-Spinach-Feta, Chef Salad, Tabouille Salad, Marianated Chicken with Advocado Salad,  Portabella Mushrooms Salad.

Pizza Margharita $6.50 – We use our house made crust and top it with fresh mozzarella, basil and

Soup of the Day $4.50 – All of our soups are made from scratch.  Daily options vary from cheddar and broccoli, cream of corn, tortilla soup and much more.  We use the freshest ingredients we can find to make our daily soup.

Specialty Cakes available and must be placed a week in advance.  Wedding cakes available by appointment.  Catered events by availability.



quicheOur specialties also include decorated sugar cookies and cakes.

bow tie cookies


The lunch menu changes daily so be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for constant updates on our menu.

We offer drip coffees and espresso as well!

Cinnamon Roll

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie